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“If your house could talk what story would it tell?

Research Services for the following objectives:

Health issues at the current time may slow down a response, and the current and future work will be free of charge for the foreseeable future, (posted 7/2012) Thank you.

National Register of Historic Places Nomination: This report includes a section describing the historic nature of a building. This discussion includes importance due to the Architect, the Builder, a Local, Regional or National Historic event occurred here. A Person that was historically significant was associated with the property. Also any Architectural feature or features considered to be extremely rare or of extremely high quality.

Historic Structures Report (H.S.R.): A report that also includes a Historical section about a given property. This report is the prerequisite for funding of Preservation, Restoration or construction needed to preserve and restore a building all ready on a National/State Register.

Title Searches and Abstracting: Searches related to the legal requirements for Title Insurance and a truncated report on those records found to establish a legal ownership chain prior to the sale of real estate. Work completed as a Contracted employee or W9.

Transcriptions: Transcriptions of legal documents related to real or personal property, letters, diaries, journals or day books.

Interpretive research: For organizations, i.e.; Museums or Societies looking to enhance the interpretive experience for visitors about a given property or collection of restored and functioning buildings. Tells the history of a building and the individuals related to it.

House History research: Usually geared to the private owner of a residence who needs or would like to know more about a building sometimes before privately funded work is undertaken.

Genealogical Research: Locating those documents required by a client to assist in completing a family tree, assistance with a focused search on one family member or Surname or to provide a path forward. Or for those who want to do the legwork, plan or idea as to where the information might be found or some ideas on getting your search started.

Speaking engagements, drawings and photographs: An overhead program developed over the last seven years of work, and a few hands on exhibits can be presented. It can be tailored to your groups needs and will usually last about an hour. Video taping can be done with advance notice. Advance material can be provided with the group requesting the talk, responsible for the final copies.

Search:  If an Internet Keyword search, or a search on this site does not provide you the information you are seeking please contact me at the address below for help or guidance as to where the answers you are looking for could be found. I may have indirectly found the information in the process of doing other work and not listed that information here. I may also give you some help in locating a resource for information you are seeking.

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Currently no charge for consulting, developing a plan for the path to the desired results or answering inquiries directed to the e mail address listed below.

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References and samples of past work are available on request:

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