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“If your house could talk what story would it tell?

Research Services for the following objectives:

Health issues at the current time may slow down a response, and the current and future work will be free of charge for the foreseeable future, (posted 7/2012) Thank you.

National Register of Historic Places Nomination: Research to support the documents required to Nominate a structure(s) for the National Historic Register of Historic Places

Historic Structures Report (H.S.R.): Research to support a report which will mainly focus on the architect, builder, owner or craftsmen use to design build or occupy a given structure.Not heavily into architecture or building skills.

Title Searches and Abstracting: Deed, Wills and other documents required to prove or lead to a deduction about the original owner and subsequent owners of a given parcel of land and structure..

Transcriptions: Transcriptions of legal documents related to real or personal property, letters, diaries, journals or day books.

Interpretive research: For organizations, i.e.; Museums or Societies looking to enhance the interpretive experience for visitors about a given property or collection of restored and functioning buildings. Tells the history of a building and the individuals related to it.

House History research: Private research for the existing owner of a property who would like to more about a house. Or to verify or dispute the oral history of a given structure

Genealogical Research: In doing this type of search, discovery is best left to the individual needing it.A plan can be established as to where the documents related to a given surname maybe found. A list of the categories of civil and military documents can be assembled.

Speaking engagements, drawings and photographs: Not available at this time.

Search:  If an Internet Keyword search, or a search on this site does not provide you the information you are seeking please contact me at the address below for help or guidance as to where the answers you are looking for could be found. I may have indirectly found the information in the process of doing other work and not listed that information here. I may also give you some help in locating a resource for information you are seeking.

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Services are voluntary and a time line for any proposed work can be provided

Please check this site’s welcome page for further information concerning the operating philosophy of this web site.

References and samples of past work are available on request:

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