Bartholomew family history

Most of the information below is sourced from an old family scrap book. The list of names are direct descendants to Josiah and Myra Bartholomew. His and her birth dates are the earliest years the information starts in the book. Handwriting of the entries suggests that many unknown family members down thru the generations recorded the information and family notes compiled the information.

As 0f 01/30/2016 the book is in my possessetion. My goal would be to transcribe the book and add information as it is brought to my attention.

A book that has been brought to my attention is “The Record of the Bartholomew Family, Historical, Genealogical and Biographical” by George Wells BartholomewJr. Published by him in Austin Texas in 1885.

The book is free to research on the Internet Archives and Google Books web site.


Josiah Bartholomew b Nov 11 1775 d May 26 1819* burial Knoxsboro (NY) Cemetery

wife Myra Wadhams b Jan 10 1779 d Nov 10, 1838

children: Alvira b July 7 1800, Henry  b April 20 1802, Laura b April 26, 1804, Albert J b Sept 21, 1807,Hiram E b Nov 30, 1809, Collins Wadham b July 22, 1812 and Adaline L b Dec 20, 1815

Children Deaths/burial if known:

Alvira Bartholomew Ranney d Jan 26,1884, Henry Jan 10, 1847 (wagon accident), Laura Bartholomew Sheppard Sept 15, 1824, Albert J July 31, 1866, Hiram E July 12, 1883 , Collins Wadhams August 29, 1864 and Adaline L Bartholomew Burch Dec 12, 1883

  • death caused by poison roots which he had dug for medication by mistake
  • In case some of you younger generation don’t know in those days they dug roots and collected these for medicine

Bartholomew family-Bartholomew and Shumate

Collins Wadham Bartholomew and Elizabeth Shumate

Children girls b Jun 26, 1848 died respectively at 36 and 63 hours , Orlo Duff b March 8, 1852 d October 8, 1878 and Edwin Collins b ? d?

Orlo whose full name was Orlando and Edwin were both Ministers. Orlo at a Presbyterian Church in the town of Augusta in Oneida County NY while Edwin was a Baptist Minister in Jackson Tenn. He died there of Yellow Fever. Their Bibles survive passed down by there mother Elizabeth. Neither were married. Orlo is buried in the Knoxboro-Augusta Cemetery and has an impressive headstone


Hiram E Bartholomew b November 30, 1809 d July 12, 1883

wife- Aroxy Chase b April 2, 1811 Knoxboro d December 22, 1889 buried Knoxboro Cemetery

Children: Amelia A b July 21, 1834 d ?, Edwin L b June 1835, Oscar A b Sept 7, 1839 d March 14, 1905 (Stroke) buried March 17, 1905 at Cuyler  NY

Marriages: Amelia A to B Bookout m July 21 1886, Oscar A to Lucy A Collins July 4, 1871

Noes: Amelia had a leg taken off at Fairport NY, caused by falling under a railroad train which she was riding on but had got off to change trains. On railroad that it known as NY Central at this time 1960. (Was probably under original name of New York and Hudson)

Edwin L was killed by a runaway team coming down hill into Stockbridge (NY). At age of 14 years


Oscar A Bartholomew and Lucy A Collins (wife)

Children: Orlo E b Feb 17 1872 d Oct 11, 1906 buried in Cuyler Oct 14 1906, Adeline S(ophia) b Feb 27, 1874 d  May 12 1940 age 66 yr 3 mo 15 days buried in New Woodstock NY (married ? Porter-Fox and remarried Porter), Kirby S(cott) Apr 9, 1878, d Dec 23, 1957 buried DeRuyter NY, Lena E b Sept 7, 1881 d May 19, 1933 buried Sheds NY age 51 married ? Fox, Charles H(iram) b Sept 15 1883 d Mar 7, 1944 age 60 yrs 7 months 12 days buried DeRuyter NY, Bert C b May 30, 1890 d? wife Anna Brown died in Cortland 1965 Buried at DeRuyter, NY


Hiram Scott Bartholomew and Mable E Keep married Dec 25, 1900

Children: Alice Edna Bartholomew b Feb 20, 1902 b Jan 7, 1962 in Rochester, NY. She is buried in Mt Hope Cemetery; Bertha May Bartholomew b Oct 12, 1903; Edith Pearl Bartholomew b Now 3, 1908.


Kirby S Bartholomew and Bertha Wilber marriage ?

Children: Morris Lee Bartholomew b April 24, 1911; Harry Bartholomew b June 30, 1912; Clyde Bartholomew b Oct 6, 1913 and died 3 days later on Oct 9; Ray Bartholomew b Sept 22, 1914 and died 3 months later on Ced 22, 1914 and his buried in Cuyler, NY; Ruth Bartholomew b May 5, 1916; Helen Bartholomew Mar 18, 1919 and was fatally burned on Apr 20, 1929 at the age of 10, buried at Cuyler, NY Apr 23, 1929; Bessie Bartholomew b Fen 9, 1922; Albert Bartholomew b July 4, 1924; Rena Belle Bartholomew b May 30, 1928; Kirby Scott Bartholomew Jr b Apr 8, 1931


Children of Kirby Bartholomew (as noted in the book-entered by several hands-unknown by me)

Bartholomew Family Marriages

Alice Edna Bartholomew to Harry Hamilton Sept 1920; Bertha May Bartholomew to Archie Ray Bush Oct 11, 1920 at Homer NY; Edith Bartholomew to Elmer McNeil (no date or place noted)  Children: Gerald McNeil b ?; Shirley McNeil b Mar 27, 1933; Chester McNeil b ?

Harry Bartholomew to Minnie Locke Dec 11, 1937

Morris Lee Bartholomew to Delia Locke. Children Elva P? Bartholomew; Sandra Lou Bartholomew; Oscar Bartholomew and Scott Kirby Bartholomew

Ruth Bartholomew to Ellis Breed July 4, 1936. Children-Ellis Breed b?-killed car crash Aug 28,1964 Apulia Station NY age 25; Leon Breed; Christine Breed and Stanley Breed.

Rena Belle Bartholomew and Louis Arrno (he died fall 1956-buried Catholic Cemetery Tully, NY.) Children Louis Arrno jr. and Kevin Arrno.  Rena Belle Bartholomew Arrno remarried to Ray Fragicono in 1960 were living in Canastota. Moved to California.

Alice Marie Scouten was Charles Bartholomew’s second cousin. Her mother was Myrtle Collins before she married ? Scouten, her father was was Charles Collins, Lucy Collins Bartholomew’s brother


Bartholomew Family Record History


Charles Hiram Bartholomew b Sept 15, 1883 d Mar 7, 1944 Buried at DeRuyter, NY age 60 yrs 7 mo 12 days

Anna E Brown buried at DeRuyter

Married Jan 14, 1906

Children of above- Roy Orlo Bartholomew b Feb 15, 1907; Alice Marie Scouten (adopted) on Junly 10, 1918 at Utica, NY she was daughter of Alice Collins Scouten


Roy Orlo Bartholomew to Helena Sutton on June 20, 1931. Children-Charles Bartholomew b Sept 1932 died Oct 1956 buried at Truxton, NY


Alice Marie Scouten to Paul Thompson May 8, 1937. Children-Richard Marion Thompson b Mar 19, 1938 at Cortland (NY) hospital; Donna Lee Thompson Mar 18, 1940 at same hospital



Orlo Edwin Bartholomew to May E Brown Feb 7, 1872; Orlo Edwin d Oct 11, 1872; May E Brown Bartholomew d Jan 11, 1906 buried Jan 15, 1906 buried in Cuyler, NY

Children: Gertie Belle Bartholomew b Nov 18, 1896 d Sept 26, 1924 married ? Roper buried at DeRuyter NY; JD Bartholomew b Feb 12, 1899; Inda Lucy Bartholomew b Oct 10, 1924 d Mar 27, 1935 age 33y 4m 22d buried at Manlius NY.


Jay D Bartholomew to Mary Austin Apr 24, 1920

Children: Bruce R Bartholomew b June 4, 1922; Austin Jay Bartholomew b Sept 15, 1927 and Frank Bartholomew b about 1921 and died the same year

Gertie Belle Bartholomew to George Roper Feb 19, 1917

Children: Genvieve Roper b Nov 2 1917; Joe Roper b Oct 1919; Luther Roper b Nov 1921 and (girl) Roper b Aug 5, 1924


Adeline Sophia Bartholomew to Elmer Elias Porter  Married Apr 19, 1899

Children: George Oscar Porter b July 2, 1900 and Lena Louise Way Oct 1, 1902 at Cuyler NY on Gates Homestead.


George Oscar Porter and Dorthy May Campbell Jan 22, 1927 at Geneva NY

Children: David Edward Porter b (stillborn) May 27 at Geneva and two others still living.


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