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Surnames by family groups, maiden names included where known.

Achely, Joseph Kneeland



Ball, Benjamin

Barnes, ?

Beneway or Benway, Amelia (2) mother daughter relationship?, Angeleline, Angus, Anguy, Francis, Jenny (Eugenia), Josephine, Rosa (2) same as Amelia?, Selina Belond Beneway, Ziba

Bennett, Harriet and William

Blakeslee, Mrs. Adam

Boardman, Demming

Boschart, John

Brandt/Bradt, Ardent

Brewer, Anna (possibly Brown)

Brigg, Lt. CB Briggs

Bustard, Henry and Jacobus

Butler, John, Thomas and Walter

Cady, Daniel

Campbell, Peter

Canell, Lilly Denny aka Mrs. Louis Canell

Cook, Sarah A.

Cummings, Harriet

Denny, Samuel Jr.

Chambers, Rachel and James

Collier, Catherine, Catherine Van den Burgh, Charles, Isaac, Jenny Bennoff, Minie J, Polly, Robert, Sarah Van Vecten,Thenuis

Cornell, Silas

Coyne, John

Coyne, Michael

Coyne, Thomas

Coyne, Stephen

Covenhoven, Father-Zail and twins Abraham and Issac

Craner, Nicholas

Craven, William Earl of

Crooms, Casper

Davis, John I

Decker, EC

Delanoy/Delinlinois, William W (both surname spellings used)

Delanoy, Edward, Harry, Henry, John, John H Jr. and (2) William H.

Denny, Samuel Sr., 2nd husband of Selina

Disbrow, Harriet A

Donahue/Donohue-1850 census:

Newton, Queens, New York City, NY

James O Donahue father 40 Ireland Merchant $6000

Mary Donahue mother 40 Ireland

James Donahue brother 20 NY Clerk

Joesph Donahue brother 16 NY Clerk

Peter Donahue brother 14 NY Clerk

John Donahue brother 10 NY Clerk (?)

Thomas Donahue self 5 NY residence in 1910 Baldwinsville, Onondaga County, NY

Teressa Donahue sister 4 NY

Others in house hold:

Kate Glocklan 20 Ireland

Bridget Hauley 25 Ireland

Charles Delany 23 Ireland Laborer

Michael Hauley 25 Ireland (twin of Bridget or no relation) Laborer

1910 Federal Census

Thoms Thomas Donahue* age 65 head  rented house* veteran Union Army/Navy or Confederate

                      Robert                      son

                      James                        son

                      E *                              daughter

                      William                    son

                      Mabel Hel*             grand daughter

  • Native NY Father and Mother listed as Ireland (English noted), speaks English no occupation listed

 * rented house at 22 Downer Street was gone by 1920

Emerick, Caroline and Martin H

Fitzgerald, Michael

Fellows, Joseph

Fuller, Henry

Fonda, Angelica,Gilles or Jellis, Jelles Dowd, Maria, John, and Winfield Scott

Galloway, Betsy

Gardener/Gardner, Capt, Caleb, Henry Platt, and Orlando S

Gettman, Benjamin

Harkin, James R and Lula

Harington, Olivia Miles

Heaney, Michael

Heaney, Bridget wife of Michael

Heaney, Michael Jr.

Heaney, Stephen

Heaney, John

Heaney, Michael Sr.

Heaney, William J.

Heaney, Barnard

Heaney, Francis

Heaney, Mary

Heaney, Ellen

Heaney . Ellen Coyne

Heaney, John William

Heaney, Marion Hedman

Heaney, William

Heaney, John

Heaney, Mark

Henry, Catherine A

Henry, John Phillip or Phillip John

Henry, John father or son of above

Henry, Philip (2)

Hets, Johannes

Hogan, Sarah A and Austin S

Humphery, Charles Storm


Jackson, Amos

Jenner, Christopher

King, Honora and John

Kling, Jane

Kit/Kitt, Jacobus

Klock, Jacobus

Kniff, Johannes

Lind, John

Mack, Frederick and Samuel

McArthur, Duncan J

McFarland, Hugh

McHenry-possible Scottish name before changing to Henry

McKay, Alexander and John

Messerole/Messeroll, Philip H, S, and Zebedee Stout

Mighells or Miles, Thomas

Mighelles/ Miles, Jacob Lewis

Miles, Jacob,Margaret Bennett, Olivia Vermillion or Vermieay and George C Jr. and Sr.

Miller, Irene Heaney

Miller, Raymond

Mook, Latice

Morris, Reverend Herbert W.

Moul, Garrett

Neffe, Jacob

Osbelt, Nellie Heaney

Parker, Lewis (LL)

Parkhurst, Dr.

Partlow, Jacob O, Orrin or Orange, Ransom

Perry, Alfred H and Arthur V

Platt, Orlando s

Potter, Zita

Porter, Mary C. and Cornelia

Powers, Elizabeth and Richard

Quakenbush, David

Rebeck/Ryback, Samuel H, Janet, and son Henry

Reed, Lt. Col. Sethe

Rodgen, Reverend LL

Rowan, John

Sammonds, Samuel

Scott, James

Scott, Lucinda

Scott, Robert

Shafer, Philip

Skinner, Stephen

Spohner, Herman E

Spruce, James, John and Stephen

Steadman, Robert

Stone Enos (father) and (son)

Stout, Benjamin and WT

Swick-Caroline “Carrie”, Charles E, Clarence Milton, George, Jacob, John, John A, John J “Judson”, Lucina O, Mary, Mercy, Mercy “Edith”, Mary Morey, Peter, Rebecca, William R (2), William Cassius

Traxler, Mary Elizabeth “Lib”

Troup, Robert

Trust, Johannes

Vrooman, Henry and Isaac

Wadsworth, James

Wambold, Margaret

Wells, John, Edward, Lurina, John (2), Lee L., Henry, Daniel, Alonzo, Louisa Caroline, Betsy, Jeremiah, William,  Horatio, Oscar F., Alfred,

Albert, William W., Alexander, Alonzo (2), Amanda, Alexander (2), and Alfred (2)

Wells, James and wife Persis (Earle): Francis James, Sarah Ann, Louisa Marie, Bell, E., John Hill, Frederick M., Minnie M., Lavender Ann, Charles K., Eunice K., James (2), James Fones, William Washington, Francis James (2), Martha T., Justus O., Clarissa Marie, Justus, Nettie, C., Anna, Mary, George, Fonce, Margaret, Persis Earle, Anna Marie, Jane, Josephine R., Willard E., Captain Willard Grant, Bert S., William Dawn,George J.,Augusta, Clarence Albert, Carrie, Justus A., Katherine Louella, Harry Andrew, George Washington,Eloise and adopted from the Streeter’s William Eugene

West, Kirby E

Williams, Reverend JE

Wilson, Elizabeth, Harvey, Henry, Magdalene and Robert

Wimple, Andrew

Winchester, Reverend CF

Wolsey/Woolsey, Asa J

Yates, Christopher, Evert, and John F

Young, Madelene Y

Zwick-possible early spelling of those in NJ. No known NY variants use this spelling

?, Persis and Lucy E. and Mary J.

The names listed above can be searched on this site for context. The owner of this encourages exchanges about names on the above list to further information concerning them. Names are has spelled on various civil or other legal documents as recorded by the compiler of such documents. with the heading surnames, should bew used for comments, corrections or questions about names in this index.

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