Deeds-More than just land and property

Along with the usual information of names, dates and currency involved, a deed can sometimes explain other things.

I have found examples of additional information that the seller (grantor) has included to clarify other items.

One was a gentleman selling his mother’s property after her death. His item that he went to great pains to clear up concerned the spelling of his last name. Listing every alternative spelling of the name he had knowledge of, he declared his spelling to be the only acceptable version as far as he was concerned. Finding a deed that addresses this subject can help to find the name in question and the variations used at the time of the deed being written can give alternative spellings the name may be found on earlier deeds , census listing or civil papers.

The other deed I have found involved the sale by a Lawyer or agent given power of attorney to do so. Power of Attorney can be established by a will or other civil document or can be established by a foriegn subject, giving an American lawyer or agent the power to sell domestic property. In the case of this deed a chain of those individuals in the chain of successor ship to the original owner are listed.  This establishes the legal right to exercise to execute and issue deeds related to real estate.

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