Pulteney Estate- Ontario County

One of the large landholders in the Finger Lakes Region of  New york was an organization known as the Pulteney Estates. Land was also owned in Pennsylvania and Virginia. Owned by Sir William Pulteney,Henrietta Laura Pulteney the wife of Sir James Pulteney and others, their agents, lawyers given powers of Attorney to act on their behalf were: Robert Troup, Joseph Fellows and William the Younger.

This page will be concentrating on the above named agents and their dealings with individuals and organizations from their first recorded real estate transaction around 1814 up to 1845 when others were employed in the same position.

The land offices were located in Geneva, on Washington Street and in the village of Bath, NY.

In a deed discovered in the Steuben County’s clerk’s office was the following list of names. In the course of the sixteen page document was the chronology of the land ownership and the lists of those individuals given power of Attorney to act as the land agents in selling or leasing lands. With notations as to successors, regarding Attorneys duties.

The list below was extracted and an every name list created and compiled by Rick Porter of Finger Lakes House Histories

1859 Washington Street Geneva, NY; an every name list of those recorded in cocument:


Honarable Wiliam Earl of Craven

Alexander Oswald  Archinceirve of the County of Ayr in North Britain Esquire

Reverend Edmund Bucknall Estcourt of Eckington in the County of Derby in England

Sir William Pulteney of Balto House in the County of Middlesex

Henrietta Luara PulteneyCountess of Balto House and wife of

Sir James Pulteney Park Lane

Sir John Lowther Johnstone

Ernest Augustine Duke of Cumberland

Charles Herbert Peirpointe

Earl Manvers

David Cathcart

Masterson Ure

Dame Charlotte Johnstone

Christopher Coddington of Coddington Rink


Agents, Attorneys and Trustees empowered to act as the sellers or leaseors on the behalf of those listed above are:


Robert Troup his succesors upon refusal of duties or resigning due to health are:


Charles Wilkes Esquire

Richard Harrison

Thomas Cadwaleder

Earl Mavens became successor to Charles Herbert Viscount

Lord Alloway

Joseph Fellows a successor to Robert Troup

Richard Weyland Esquire

John Gordon

John Fellows

James Currie of Dinevlins

Ian Field of the County of Middlesex

William Young the younger of Geneva, and Joseph Fellows successor


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