Given names vs Initials or middle names

When doing a search on a given name to go along with a surname, variations to that subject must be explored with as much care as the English spelling of a surname. With the surname, often the person interviewed by the census collector may have a poor knowledge of English, an accent or the individual taking the information might simply go by sounds like. On the other hand personal preference may dictate how the name answer is given. Prefers the first name over a middle name may use the middle name to avoid complication with an elder with the same first name. Or likes the sound of the initials over the given name or a combination of name and initials.

It is also possible that as the seller, the beginning or ending of a deed may have an explanation of the variations on the spelling of the surname, and the spelling that the seller believes is correct or their preferred spelling of it. This happens when the spelling in English takes into account the version or sounds like covention of a name used in a different English speaking country like Ireland or Scotland.

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