Currently going through the Christopher Yates Collection. A lawyer based in Eastern NY, and conducting business with both the British citizens and Americans after the Revolutionary War. His papers contain a wide range of subjects and address subjects both per war and after. Mr Yates and his brother Joseph were involved in the seizure of real estate when an Attainder Act was passed in 1779. In 1780, he escorted several families to Canada in the Montreal area, after NY state expelled those families that had “gone over to the enemy”. These two events were the primary acts that would move those who were pro British to flee NY.

There was in the 1780 act a provision for acquiring a permit that allowed those who wanted to stay to remain. By not declaring their loyalty to the King and be declared of good character they were allowed to stay.

Beginning to uncover surnames connected with evacuated-expelled of families.

Update 3-11-03- Have assembled names related to the 1779 passage of the Attainder Act and the list of names collected under an Act passed in 1780 discouraging those with pro British leanings to leave areas not controlled by the British during the American Revolution.

Update: 4-25-2013 Assembled and preparing to submit for publication names discovered that were impacted by the 1779 and 1780 acts described in the last update.

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