Butlers bury

Located on Switzer Hill, town of Mohawk, Montgomery County, NY. Started by Walter Butler in 1735 with a land grant of nearly 2000 acres, this land is home the house he built around 1742. He died in 1760, left the house and farm to his grand daughters. After wards it was owned by John Fonda, his widow and daughter, Henry Wilson and his descendants through Magdaline Wilson who died in 1929, was the owned by John Boshart who sold the house in 1959 to the present owners family. House is on the National Register.

This house was built in 1742, it was built by a British Army officer, he died in 1763, his will bequeath his house and lands to his grand daughters. They in turn old the house as part of one parcel to Jellis Fonda, a second parcel with no structures, to John D Fonda. In 1834 both the widow of John and Jellis sold the property to the Wilson family. Either the economic condition of the family or they recognized a house, with gun slits, secret stair cases and the like for what it could be and did very little changes to the house. It was painted in 1886 by Rufus T Gridder, who also included a painting of how he house may have looked in the Revolutionary War. His painting done in 1886 did not show the gun slits.  In 1941, Austin S Hogan, a local historian also sketched the house to show what it might have looked in 1776. This time Hogan saw and included the gun slits in his work. The house remained in the family when the last Wilson sold the property with the stipulation that the new owner preserve the house. The house was electrified in 1959, and place on the Register in the 1970s. Now being cared for and researched by the grand daughter of the woman who also saw something in an old building. The house like its story continues….

Currently exchanging information with a New Zeeland descendant of a Butlers bury tenant. This would date from before the Revolutionary War.

Also continuing write at least two books concerning this house and its impact on local and regional history.

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